Hey there! 
Welcome! I'm a Designer who's recently made the transition from graphic design into the Product Design world. I've always loved solving problems, figuring out the best flow for things and finding the best visuals to tie it all together! I dipped my toes in with Dribbble's new Product Design course and absolutely loved it. 
I've worked with large non-profits and have gotten my hands dirty in the startup world. I've created and designed all across the scale from business cards up to several meters tall signage and banners. I've also worked on websites and recently dove into the world of app design. I'm always down for a new challenge.
I'm an avid learner and information seeker, constantly wanting to understand the world around me and try to do as many hands on things as possible. The product design course feels like just the tip of the iceberg. I've ventured into the world of surface pattern design, illustration, and non design things such as surfing, gardening, baking, and who knows what's next. 
I'm currently looking to jump into the product design world and what new opportunities come with that. 
I'd love to chat with you! Shoot me an email at ruth@ruthsweetman.com
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